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Our major goal is to deliver content that is easy to understand, practical to use, and information-accessible. So, make sure the article sample you submit to us as part of your application has been well researched, fact-checked, and vetted. This will enable our readers to use our platform while making critically important health-related decisions.

Remember that any content you send us will undergo a rigorous review procedure from licensed medical professionals to confirm its validity. We adhere to strict sourcing standards, and each piece includes links to primary sources. Our experts keep a close eye on the wellness and health sector, which is why we eagerly await publications with the most recent information.

Thank you for showing interest in writing a guest post for Create. We are glad you are here. A fantastic method to demonstrate your knowledge and position yourself as an authority in the industry is to write for us. You also gain visibility via our goodwill and social media networks.

Please submit your article to [email protected] with the subject line “Guest Post”. Please include any other relevant information that we may need to consider your submission.

The “write for us” section is a very easy and fun way to get your work published. You can use it to share your knowledge, experience, and skills with the world. In this section, you will have an opportunity to list your credentials and qualifications that would make you a good fit for the job. It is also helpful if you have already worked on similar projects or have relevant certifications/degrees that may help your chances of getting hired in the future.

Why You Should Contribute To

contribute write

We are one of the top resources for style guidance around the clock with more daily visits and a large social network. Through our network, you may connect with a huge number of individuals with us. The entire globe will read your articles.

Content is added to our blog or website and is tailored to the user’s needs. We do have expectations for all of our guest contributors, and we do hold them to a certain level.

Posts that are successfully published will be shared on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook Group.

Building Traffic and Authority back to you Readers will be able to join your blog, website, or one of your preferred social media platforms by clicking the link supplied as section of the introduction to the Author Bio at the end of your published essay.

You can reach the right audience and develop authority in your industry by writing for a specific audience. It typically results in greater and larger things.

Our Included Sections for Write for Us overall niche

Write for Us overall niche

We Cover Topics

Individuals and teams from various organizational divisions make up the majority of our readership. They are searching for advice, best practices, and manuals on how to work and cooperate visually. We only accept crystal-clear, appealing material that fits into the following areas in order to create a reliable library of knowledge and insights that users may consult to enhance and expedite their operations.

  • Health + Write for us
  • Cleaning + Write for us
  • Technology + Write for us
  • Business + Write for us
  • lifestyle + Write for us
  • Food + Write for us
  • Travel + Write for us
  • Fashion + Write for us
  • Home Décor + Write for us
  • Shopping + Write for us
  • Sport + Write for us
  • Education + Write for us
  • Marketing+ Write for us
  • Health + Write for us
  • Cleaning + Write for us
  • Technology + Write for us
  • Business + Write for us
  • lifestyle + Write for us
  • Food + Write for us
  • Travel + Write for us
  • Fashion + Write for us
  • Home Décor + Write for us
  • Shopping + Write for us
  • Sport + Write for us
  • Education + Write for us
  • Marketing+ Write for us

You attest that you accept these conditions by offering a guest article for consideration.

guest article for consideration.


For its legitimacy to remain unquestioned, content must be thoroughly researched and fact-based. Instead of being an endorsement, it must be creative and user-friendly. Articles with practical examples and instructive advice will be given preference.


To uphold your work’s credibility, make sure to cite the sources of all of your data and avoid plagiarism. A check is made before posting. Each guest article must be genuine and distinct (never before published). You don’t want your guest post to show up anywhere in the search results. You allow us the copyright to possess your material after it has been accepted for publication, and you guarantee that you won’t reuse it elsewhere.


 Use the search box at the top of the page to see whether we already have information relating to your topic. Science, technology, digital marketing, and business are the ideal matches for our sites. If we do, attempt to take into account an alternative viewpoint for the article that isn’t addressed in the current one and submit a new one.


A well-maintained format, including the correct use of bullets, headers, and paragraphs, makes reading easier for readers and attracts their attention. Make your sentences clear and concise.

The content seems more organized and helps to distinguish between each topic using bullet points. Use bold highlights when writing lengthy pieces that fail to consider paragraph structure.


Promotional links are strictly prohibited in the article and any links included in it must be coherent and come from reputable sources.

If you submit a thorough, in-depth essay of up to 1000 words, we’ll include a source do follow link in the author profile.

Word Limit:

The minimum word count is 1000, however because making a passage informative is one of our main tenets, it can be exceeded.

Promotional Materials:

As it is a sponsored part, you may not email the article that contains promotional content or that promotes a brand, a business, or a university. You can send us an email with the subject “sponsored post ad” if you wish to advertise anything.

Visuals, moving pictures, and interactive material

High-definition photographs can be added to the material. You must not have violated anyone’s copyright in adding any photographs. You must give the photographs a suitable name when you save them. A video may also be included. You must incorporate the code if you wish to include an infographic in the article at all.

Request for Article Removal

If your article is accepted for publishing on our website, it will become our sole property. There will be no approval of any removal requests.

 Bio of Author

Authors are required to include the following details:

  • Your email address will be private at all times.
  • A brief bio of no more than 50 words (may include a link to the company website)
  • A headshot (you may help us out by utilizing the email address you’re supplying to post your headshot to Gravatar)
  • If you’re interested in using us to promote your work, you can offer any social media connections.
  • Since there is just one owner, we will represent your post on your behalf and minimize confusion by not attributing it to a firm.

What we accept?

We welcome original ideas, strong arguments that are neutral, and excellent writing. Logically organized material using headers, lists, tables, and other identifying markers.

Links to reliable sources that support the statements and theories you make. Use informative link text rather than the phrase “click here to learn more.” The link text needs to describe the link’s target.

Submissions may include images that complement the content (where possible). Please offer a brief explanation of the relevant copyright and usage rights if you supply any photographs.

What do we not publish?

Excessive promotion

If you are willing to write for us, keep in mind that guest posting is a method to show your readers how knowledgeable and skilled you are in the field. They are not used as a means of overtly promoting products, offers, or businesses. Please take notice that our readers come to us for successful startup tales, advice, and tips.

Previously published material

We do not post articles that have already appeared on our website. Even you made some changes to it. We only accept work that is original and distinct.

Converted Text

On our website, we do not accept copied or plagiarized information. Additionally, it is a significant infraction of our rules that might result in the deletion and banning of your account permanently.

Erroneous information

You shouldn’t include any false facts or information in your material. You must properly reference, credit, and cite the information’s original source in the article. Always make an effort to use trustworthy material from reputable websites or sources and give credit appropriately.

Use of photos and pictures

Because of copyright concerns, you are not expected to include any pictures or images in your work before submitting it; if this is necessary, we will add them for you.

Personal Profiles

We won’t consider individual company founder profiles until after they’ve become well-known and a household name.

Why is guest blogging crucial for your Business?

guest blogging crucial

“Write for us” or guest posting is one of the most well-known SEO strategies that every company has utilized for a while. For every kind of organization, it offers a variety of advantages. It will assist you in giving yourself a platform to demonstrate your knowledge and great ideas so that you may establish yourself as an authoritative person in your industry. increasing your audience and developing connections with influential people in the industry.

Additionally, it will be a useful platform for budding authors or startups looking to establish themselves in the market. What are you waiting for then? Write to Us Right Now.

What does “writing for us” mean, and what are the benefits of guest posting?

"writing for us" mean

Guest blogging may be explained simply as writing content on another company’s website. The submission of sponsored or guest material is requested and allowed on many websites. Even they have a website dedicated to guest posting called “write for us.” Most frequently, guest bloggers or writers approach websites in the same industry or specialty to request

  • Back-to-Back Traffic
  • increases domain authority for websites
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition and Awareness
  • and facilitate the development of relationships within the same sector
  • It should be mentioned that sponsored pieces, guest posts, and “write for us” advertisements.

What Benefits do authors enjoy?

  • becoming familiar with all content services
  • advantages of experience
  • Through a variety of activities, this platform supports link development, which also promotes the growth of the blog.
  • You can accomplish your goal with more traffic.
  • The platform encourages famous blogs to adhere to SEO best practices in order to increase rank popularity.
  • Process for Applying to Write for Us Guest Posting in General
  • Send your example articles to an email address if you wish to apply for the same regulation as the one mentioned above.
  • Once the item has been forwarded to the firm’s head and acknowledged, you may join the content universe. The regulations are clear and accommodating to those who wish to apply fully.

How to send

How to Contribute with us- Before sending an article to us directly, you can email us a few topic suggestions.

  • – We will contact you if your idea is intriguing and pertinent to our blog.
  • – Only articles delivered in Microsoft Word documents are accepted.

Please send us an email at [email protected] with the

  • – Topic (Guest Post or Advertising)
  • – Ideas for Topics
  • – and the website you wish to link

If you followed our instructions, we will contact you.

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