Monoprice 110010 Headphones: A Great Value for Your Money

Monoprice 110010

When choosing headphones, make sure that they have a good battery life, comfy earpads, and noise-canceling technology. All these things are include in the Monoprice 110010. Is it necessary to have all those features? Find out if the headphones are right for you by looking at their performance. In addition, we examine the overall sound quality.

If you’re on a tight budget, but still want high-quality sound, then the Monoprice 110010 headphones are a great option. Noise-cancelling technology, easy cleaning, and compatibility with most media formats make them a great choice. The 3.5mm jack is gold-plate, and there is a two-year warranty on these headphones. It’s a good buy considering the price, although more expensive models offer better sound quality and noise cancellation.

The Monoprice 110010 is a good budget headset to consider if you’re on the lookout for a good headset. They have good sound quality, are durable, and are comfortable to wear. As well as being lightweight, they are also easy to clean. Consequently, they are perfect for anyone listening to music for work or pleasure.

Noise cancelling – Monoprice 110010

Monoprice 110010 is unique in its ability to cancel background noise when you put it on. It is one of the reasons you should buy yourself one. This gadget differs from other best headphones 2022 that can’t cancel background noise when you put them on, as it can. Other headphones cannot compare to their ability to cancel background noise. If you enjoy traveling on a plane, then you should pick up one of these amazing noise cancellation devices, and of course, enjoy good sound quality.

Long-lasting battery power – Monoprice 110010

The Monoprice 110010’s long-lasting battery is another special characteristic that makes it the greatest tool on the market. These headphones have a 52-hour battery life while still providing the high-quality sound you require and blocking out distracting background noise. You will adore this incredible device if you are sick of always charging your headphones.

Decent sound – Monoprice 110010

You can even attest that we have often mentioned “excellent sound” as a quality of this incredible instrument throughout this article. You should be able to judge how well these headphones can produce sound just from that. Compared to other headphones on the market, this function sets it apart. Its audio output is unsurpass in terms of quality.

Durability – Monoprice 110010

A product’s durability is crucial, especially in these challenging times. You should predict a longer lifespan if you choose a product of this quality. In the instance of Monoprice 110010, Due to its durability, it will be usable for the next three to five years.

One special feature is that it will continue to provide you with good sound and maintain its background noise cancellation capabilities even in its third or fourth year.

Style – Monoprice 110010

In terms of appearance, the Monoprice 110010 Noise Cancelling headphones are decent. Black accents are find on the cushions, headband, and ear cups. Their color is mostly dark gray. There’s a glossy finish on the oval ear cup’s back, along with discreet Monoprice branding. Rubberized tops on the headband give them a more upscale appearance.

Controls – Monoprice 110010

The design and functionality of the buttons are above average with a few minor flaws. There is simply one straightforward noise-canceling switch on the ear cups. The other controls, like the call/music and audio buttons, can be found on the inline controls of the include cable. However, the integrated controls are flat and lack significant tactile touch.

Comfort – Monoprice 110010

There is a mediocre level of comfort offered by these headphones. There is not too much pressure exerted by the headband, and it is fairly flexible. There are adjustable ear cups that are lightweight and padded for comfort. They don’t fit every listener’s ears due to the small ear cups and poorly padded headband. During extended listening sessions, this may be uncomfortable for an over-ear design.

Stability – Monoprice 110010

Even though these headphones are stable enough to be used on a regular basis, they will quickly slide off your head while you are running. While exercising, the headband isn’t wide enough to keep the earcups from wobbling. Despite not being ideal for gym use, the cable can be unhooked if caught by something. Take care not to have your headphones pulled from your head.

Portability – Monoprice 110010

Designed for medium-sized ears, the Monoprice NC over-ear headphones have an oval shape. Due to their ability to be folded flat, they are somewhat portable. While they fold up, they are not small enough to fit into pockets, even big jacket pockets, so they might be too bulky for some people. These headphones are also good in connectivity you can make Instagram reels with them.


The Monoprice 110010 headphones come with a durable case, which protects them from damage during drops, dings, and some water. It does, however, add some weight to the headphones, so you might need a bag to carry them.

Build quality

A solid, reasonably priced gaming headset that offers gigabit ethernet is the Monoprice 110010. It covers the cost and has a respectable build quality. Although not the greatest on the market, the sound quality is still acceptable given the cost.
In comparison to more expensive headphones, the Monoprice 110010 headphones have a fairly good build quality, but their buttons don’t feel as premium. Additionally, their bass isn’t very deep, which is disappointing for a product at this price point. It’s still comfortable to wear them and they manage to isolate incoming noise well. Additionally, they are a good choice for long listening sessions, although audiophiles might want to upgrade to a better model. You can also connect these headphones with your latest Android 12.


Although the Monoprice 110010 price is reasonable, you might want to think about the quality before making a purchase. The headphones have an excellent build quality but don’t sound as good as more expensive brands. They are not readily broken and are comfy to wear. They should also last you through several seasons of your preferred TV program.
Under $50 makes the Monoprice 110010 an economical and dependable option for gamers or home entertainment systems. It has a warranty, is dependable, and supports fiber channels. For those on a strict budget, it’s a good choice, but audiophiles shouldn’t use it.


  • There is an excellent reproduction of the midrange and bass parts of the audio spectrum.
  • Having simple and effective buttons is a great attribute of the design.


  • Noise-making headband that tends to make quite a bit of noise.
  • A pair of earphones with tiny earcups that fit over the ears.


The Monoprice 110010 Noise Canceling headphones are an excellent set all around. They look stylish and deliver precise bass and middle audio reproduction. If you’ll get the tiny ear cups to seal well, the noise isolation, although not ideal and sufficient for places like offices.

In terms of noise-canceling, the Monoprice is the best choice. If you want absolute quiet and serenity when listening to music or audio, Monoprice 110010 should be at the top of your wish list.


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