Instagram Feed on Website: 5 best examples


In the last few years, we have seen an increase in Instagram shops. People flock to the platforms to see where their friends are and what products they recommend. It means that people are hovering on the platform with purchasing intent.And this is why brands and businesses showcase their Instagram presence on a business website. You can easily embed your Instagram feed on website using social media aggregator tools.

In case you are not aware, social media aggregators are the tools that help you to fetch social media content and showcase it on your website in a customizable way. These tools are highly operable and maintain the quality and speed of your website.

However, brands are still confused about choosing their business website’s most appropriate Instagram feeds. Therefore, this blog discusses the 5 best examples of using an Instagram feed on a website. So follow along and read this blog till the end.

5 Amazing Examples Of Using Instagram Feed On Website

Showcasing an Instagram feed on a website can be a big step. As a business owner, you must choose an Instagram feed that suits your business niche and displays your business’ caliber in the best possible way. We are mentioning some of the best examples of Instagram feed. So read this blog and learn more about it.

1. Instagram Hashtags Feed

If you use social media, you must be aware of the importance of hashtags. From Twitter to Instagram, Hashtags are everywhere. If you are looking for a good amount of engagement on Instagram, you should include hashtags.

We highly recommend you have a branded hashtag for your business. It helps you to aggregate all the content created for your business and display it using Instagram Widget on the website. This way, you can also showcase social proof of your business on your website. Apart from that, you can also showcase the successful hashtags campaign you have run. You can also ask your customers to create user-generated content for your brand.

So, whether you are a product- or service-based business, you can easily embed the Hashtag feed on the website.

2. Mention Feed

Brand mentions can directly affect the online business reputation of your brand or business. Instagram users often share their experiences about the products and services they have purchased. They also offer an opinion of the product or services while mentioning the handle of the brand. All this content can be fetched and displayed on the website. While there might be some bad mentions of your products, you can utilize the positive mentions to showcase them on the website.

This content works as social proof and helps you gain popularity on the platforms. You motivate other customers to create content for your brand when you showcase such content. It helps them to enjoy the spotlight of your website.

3. Instagram Slider and Carousel Feed

We might sound biased, but we love Instagram Slider and Instagram Carousel Feed. It is because it helps to gain more attraction from the website visitors.
We all know that images play a big part in running a website. How about an interactive Instagram image feed?

Instagram Slider Carousel feed helps your website run faster since they are fully optimized with the website.
A slider or carousel feed needs only one space to display many images. It completely solves the space-related issue of the website.

You can showcase multiple images and videos at a time.

4. Sidebar Feeds

Another excellent example of using Instagram Feeds on a website is using the Sidebars feeds. It helps you to add the feeds on every page of your website. And since the feed is displayed on each page, it helps you reach out to a greater range of your audience.
You can also use this sidebar feed on your website to show any ongoing sale or offer. It will help you create enough buzz around your request.

5. Gallery Theme

Instagram is a platform dominated by visuals. Using the gallery theme, you can create an Instagram vibe on your website. You can also change the size of the posts and videos as per your wish. It means you have total control over how your widget will look in front of your website.
You can also add stunning effects to your gallery theme. It will help you to attract more crowds to your website.

Wrapping Up

Instagram is a great place to showcase your business. You can easily use this platform to promote your brand or business actively. Having an Instagram widget on a website helps boost the engagement of the account and your website.

All you need to have is a responsive social media aggregator tool. It will take a lot off your plate and help you customize all the feeds without coding.


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