How to Make a Secure Password

a Secure Password

Do you have a friend whose online profile has been stolen, you got scared and now you want to know how to make a secure password? Don’t worry, it’s not a mission impossible at all, and by following all my tips you will be able to get a strong password without too much difficulty. Today, having an access key, indeed, multiple access keys that are different from each other and all adequately complex is of vital importance. In short, you must have secure passwords which would not be easy to trace even if you know yourself and your life.

Those who know you, in fact, will also know your date of birth, the names of your closest family members, the school you attend, and so on: this is why data of this type should never use as a password, as they easily prey to malicious people. and everyone, with a minimum of investigation, can trace it back.

Rules for making a secure password – a secure password

To get a strong outlook password you need to follow some simple rules, which I’m about to share with you: guidelines that I invite you to follow in the letter if you don’t want to be afraid of the passwords you use on the web.

The criteria to keep in mind for the creation are simple: use uppercase and lowercase letters, enter numbers and symbols and make it long enough. If you want to know more in detail about Conclusivenews you can read the tutorial that I just linked to you and which explains in detail. By now they are indications request by the various sites when creating an account. Keep them in mind especially if you decide to use words or names that you can remember: you have to disguise them well to make them more complex. Let’s go into the specifics and see how to create an effective alphanumeric password.

  • Choose invented words: I advise against using names or words that you usually use or that belong to your life. Even dates and names in the personal sphere are not entirely sure: especially in the age of social media, it is now easy to find out the name of one’s partner or parents. Not to mention the dates of birth: a photo of you with the birthday cake is enough to go back to day and year, even if the candles indicate how old you are. In short, it is not always necessary to be a hacker to find personal data, even a too nosy friend could do it. So what do you need to do? No personal information, yes words invented or not attributable to you. Also avoid sequences of letters or numbers, for example, “12345” or “qwerty”: they are easily identifiable.
  • Make it complex and strong: how to do it? Switch between uppercase and lowercase letters, don’t limit yourself to using the uppercase only for the first letter but also enter one in the center of the password. Make use of numbers and, above all, symbols (not only semicolons, but also!? %, &, £, etc.), so you will make it even more complex. I can also suggest you replace the letters of a word with a symbol. For example, if the password contains the letter “S” you can replace it with the symbol “$”. Do not do it to all the letters because we all know that the “a” can be replaced with the “@” if you do it to all the letters everyone will be able to reconstruct a name with these symbols.
  • Length: Even if when creating an account they ask you for a password to be at least 8 characters long, make it even longer. The criterion is this: the longer it is, the higher the level of security. You can even get passwords from 17 to 20 characters long.
  • Do not use the same password everywhere: I understand that you want to feel comfortable especially on those sites where personal information is found, for this reason, my advice is to choose at least a couple of passwords to use on different types of sites. If you want to know more about 100celebrities I leave you my dedicated tutorial. You will agree with me that if they hack your password to enter Instagram it is different from doing it for the password of the SPID or your bank. For this reason, make some distinctions, otherwise, once you have a password you would be able to enter all the sites where you are registered. Finally, avoid using old passwords recycled here and there, but follow the advice I just gave you and always create new ones.
  • That said, you may be wondering what an effective passkey should look like. Let’s take an example of a secure password: let’s say you are planning to use “lebronjames23”. In this case, as I advised you before, replace the letters with symbols and numbers to get “£ ebr0nj @ m3 $ 23”. What is missing? That’s right, capital letters are missing. At this point, the password can become “£ eBr0nJ @ m3 $ 23”. Do you want to make it even stronger? Move the number “23” to the beginning or to the center, so that you have “23 £ eBr0nJam3 $” or “£ eBr0n23J @ m3 $”. You can actually reverse everything with everything, even the name, and surname, just as you can put the “2” at the beginning and the “3” at the end.

If you can, you can invent rules that only you know and use them as a basis to build your passwords in a “rational” way, with the ability to reconstruct them if necessary (provide that, as I will suggest shortly, both to generate passwords safe, both to store them, it is recommend to use software suitable for the purpose, i.e. a password manager). You can also change a password through your gaming laptop.


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