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Learn Here How Can You Change Your Outlook Password

If necessary, change or reset your Outlook email password. This article will show you how to change Outlook passwords on Windows and Mac.

How to reset Outlook password on Mac

It’s easy and quick to change your Outlook passcode if you use a Mac. 1st, ensure that you’ve to open Outlook.

  • Navigate to the Tools tab while Outlook is open.
  • Click Accounts.
  • Highlight the account you wish to change your password in the left pane.
  • Choose a new password in the right pane and then enter it into the Password box.
  • Outlook will automatically save your password when you close the Accounts window.

How to Change Outlook Passcode in Windows

It is very similar to changing the password for Outlook on Windows. For start, open Outlook on your desktop.

  • Go to File >Account Settings >Account Settings.
  • Click on the account that you wish to modify, and then click Change.
  • Update your password which you have in the Change Account window.
  • After Outlook has completed the test, select Close and then choose Finish > Close.

Why should you change your Outlook password?

To prevent identity theft, fraud, or hacking, it is a good practice to regularly change your account passwords. Outlook passwords connect you to your Outlook email, calendar and other tasks that contain critical information like:

  • Information about credit cards and purchases
  • Phone numbers and addresses
  • Important documents like healthcare correspondence
  • Notifications to change passwords on social media and other accounts

Anyone who gains access to your Outlook account has access to a lot of information that should remain confidential. Protect yourself by changing your Outlook password regularly, even if it’s not forgotten.

Outlook is one of the most essential tools you use every day. Outlook can be used to manage all aspects of your tasks, from organizing your calendar to sending emails.

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