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Real Raw News is a website that offers controversial and alternative news. The website started as a WordPress blog with no live-streaming feature, but it soon gained a huge following. People flock to the website to read the news the mainstream media ignores. It is not associated with any political party and claims to be unbiased. Former journalist Michael Baxter founded it. However, he has been accused of making a number of false claims on the site, including the false claim that Bill Clinton was poisoned and The front page of the newspaper is the first thing that people see when they pick up a copy of their local or national newspaper.

Michael BaxterRaw News

Real Raw News is a website that publishes satirical and often false stories from sources other than mainstream media. These stories often play on the extremes of the far right and are meant to amuse the audience. Michael Baxter, the man behind the website, is a controversial figure who runs three YouTube channels. Although he denies writing the stories, he has repeatedly stood by his work.

While Baxter claims to write by a pseudonym, the site uses anonymous sources to back up its claims. For example, a recent story on Michael Baxter’s website quoted some anonymous sources, but there is no evidence to back up the stories. This is a common problem with Michael Baxter’s websites.

Michael Tuffin

In the name of “truth,” Michael Tuffin’s real raw news website publishes wildly inaccurate and misleading news stories. This makes it stand out from other sites with similar intentions, but many experts are skeptical of the site’s reputation. Tuffin’s writing style is distinctly personal, and his false claims are even more extreme than those made by other misinformation websites. For example, he regularly publishes multiple stories related to the same hoax.

Michael Baxter has posted comments on the Real Raw News website and on three different YouTube channels. In these videos, he promotes bizarre and conspiracy theories. While it is unclear whether this is Tuffin, the person behind the accounts has lived in New York and Texas in recent months. In addition, he continues to post comments under the name “Michael Baxter” on Twitter.

Michael Baxter’s website

The title of Michael Baxter’s website may be a bit misleading. In fact, it’s a misnomer. Baxter runs three other websites and several associated YouTube channels that promote conspiracy theories and far-fetched claims. His real name is Michael Tuffin, and he’s 53 years old.

Real Raw News’s website began as a simple WordPress blog that didn’t include a newspaper or live streaming option. However, it quickly gained a following. Thousands of people read the site to get news about topics mainstream media doesn’t cover. It’s not affiliated with any political party. Its founder, Michael Baxter, is a former journalist who has operated three other websites. While he’s not affiliated with any political party, he’s not afraid to write controversial articles about issues that might make people uncomfortable.

Real Raw News is an alternative news website that focuses on controversial topics and stories that mainstream media won’t touch. While some readers have questioned the authenticity of the articles, others have defended them. Real Raw News is a website run by Michael Baxter, who has three YouTube channels and a website. He claims that his work is factual and that he uses reliable sources Why should you Extend Salesforce to your Community and how do you go about it

Michael Tuffin’s style of writing

Misinformation experts have raised concerns about Michael Tuffin’s style of writing real ‘raw news,’ which includes a variety of extreme claims. For example, he frequently runs a series of stories about the same hoax, with varying degrees of deception. However, Tuffin has also been criticized for deleting comments that are either vulgar or explicit. He also defends his work by claiming the credibility of his anonymous sources.

Real Raw News is a website that promotes alternative news stories. The articles published on the site present an alternate viewpoint to mainstream media, which has led some to question the accuracy of the material presented. However, some readers are steadfast in defending the site, arguing that it gets information from credible sources.

Accuracy of Real Raw News articles.

While many misinformation websites claim to publish news that is true, many of these are completely false, including Real Raw News. Despite this, Michael Baxter, the creator of Real Raw News, has defended his work and the credibility of unnamed sources. He said that “we don’t have to trust mainstream media, so we should be able to trust our own sources”.

The website, which has a large following, began as a way for people to get the information they need, but its content is often criticized. In one study, the Oxford Internet Institute labeled the site one of the 30 worst sites for fake news. This large audience leads to many questions about the accuracy of the articles published on the site.

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