Kuari Pass and Pangarchulla trek

Kuari Pass

The confluence of the most incredible locations With Pangarchulla Peak hidden in Uttarakhand at a higher height, Kuari Pass offers the allure of two altitudes in a single journey. The combination of these two hikes is so fantastic that it leads you to some of the most breathtaking picturesque routes and roads. You will pass through several tiny valleys, meadows, and dense forests as you make your way toward Pangarchulla Peak and the Kuari Pass trip. The hike is best suited for individuals seeking both the challenging experience of climbing two different heights at once and the excitement in the hills.

The Pangarchulla mountain and Kuari pass walk are rated as easy to moderate, making them suitable for novices. The Nag Tibba Trek may be completed throughout the year, however, the ideal conditions are found in the winter. The Kuari Pass with Pangarchulla Peak journey, which lasts seven days, begins in Joshimath and travels via the town of Dhak. As you steadily ascend, you will pass past open-side cliff communities and experience two magnificent altitudes to the utmost.

Difficulty – Kuari Pass

Although there is no requirement that novices cannot combine the Kuari Pass trip with the Pangarchulla peak climb, it will be a bit difficult for those with no prior experience due to the high terrain and difficult descent. Out of all the Uttarakhand trekking sites, the Kuari Pass trip with the Pangarchulla Peak climb may be the most gorgeous and amazing experience for hikers. 

Itinerary – Kuari Pass

DAY 1 – Kuari Pass

Joshimath, a town in the Chamoli District of the Indian state of Uttarakhand, would be the starting point for the journey to the dazzling aim Kuari pass. At a height of 6150 feet, it serves as a gateway to several Himalayan hiking paths, trekking routes, and tourist destinations like Badrinath, which offers mesmerizing views. You will pass past the Panchprayag, also known as the Ganga’s five fortunate confluences at Devaprayag, Rudraprayag, Karnaprayag, Nandaprayag, and Vishnuprayag, on your way to Joshimath. Keep your cameras handy to document the magnificence of the mountains in this vein. 

DAY 2 – Kuari Pass

You will begin your walk from Joshimath to Dakh to Gulling top this morning after breakfast. The Himalayas’ morning scenery will enthuse you. We’ll start at Joshimath, and as we climb steeply upward, you’ll see enormous mountains ahead of us, including the most pampered peak, known as sleeping Lady Mountain. It’s astonishing what God could create. We will hike farther to reach our objective, where we will cross from the Tugasi village and be able to observe the culture and traditions of the highlands, but it appears like a lying lady. Due to the steep terrain Tosh Trek, the hike may feel a little exhausting, but hold out for the view you will see later.

After about 20 to 25 minutes of hiking, you will reach Kharchi village, where you can fill your water bottles and stop for a little. Continue up the route and you will soon see the magnificent Dronagiri mountain, which will make your heart stop, and later we will arrive at Gulling top, which will serve as our daytime residence.

DAY 3 – Kuari Pass

While the last day’s journey was a little taxing due to its tough terrain, today’s trip will be easygoing and not as strenuous, allowing you to treat yourself to the Himalayas’ breathtaking grandeur. Today’s trip will take around five hours, and it will nearly immediately enter a dense forest. Looking over the snow top will bring you to the green wood, which will give your mind and spirit a lift. If you select this hike in March, you may see the lovely beauty of the white and pink flowers. Later, you will see everything wrapped in snow, from trees to land, making it appear as though you are in paradise. The tranquil location is border by oak and rhododendron trees. The farther you walk into the forest, the darker the Gulling conifer forest will be, and as you travel you will see Donagiri mountain and Hathi Gori peak.

DAY 4 – Kuari Pass

Today will be your summit day, therefore your patience will provide the finest results. It would be best to start your hike to Kauri Pass early because it could take 10 to 11 hours, depending on the pace of the hikers. You should also bring enough water for yourself because you won’t find any waterways along the route. Today, you’ll hike to Kauri Pass via Khullara Top, a moderate 3.5 km ascent. 

DAY 5 Kuari Pass

Sky-line Tali Lake is described as “seeming water is lying down precisely in the middle of the valley” because it is both stunning and unexpected at the same time. A large alluring lake surrounded by a protective and embracing valley seems almost impossible, but Mother Nature is far more capable of the impossibility. The lake is about 500–600 feet above the campground; it is surrounded by rhododendrons along with the remainder of the valley and a brief but stunning glimpse of a lush meadow. Once you’ve ascended the hill, you’ll get a clear view of Nanda Devi, Nanda Gunti, Dronagiri, Chang Bong, Burma, and Pangarchulla trek Peak. You may return to the Tali woodland camp by taking a downward route after taking in the surrounding scenery and wildlife.

DAY 6 Kuari Pass

As you prepare to go, nostalgic feelings come over you because of how important the last day’s memories will be. Trek is more than simply a sport; it develops your bravery and teaches you to overcome challenges, sometimes even more. In the end, it’s up to you how you’ll handle it. Mother Nature and the allure of her beauty in your mind and spirit, which has kept you excited during the entire expedition, will be the only thing that remains constant.

DAY 7 Kuari Pass

Following breakfast, a departure from Joshimath.