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Kedarkantha Trek – An Ideal Winter Trek

It was a late night at Kedarkantha Trek Juda ka Talab camp and the snow fall wouldn’t stop. Infact, it was getting heavier with each passing moment. We, three of us in our tent, went through the late evening flicking off the snow turn by turn. Our trek chief had taught us not to rest simultaneously. He had caution us that reality might eventually show that in the event that we don’t continue to flick the snow off our tents. We could get cover in the snow.

This being my most memorable winter trek, I trusted him. In the anxiety toward getting bury there, I strictly complied with the pioneer. At the point when I peeped through the tent the following morning, it seemed he was not joking.

About Kedarkantha trek

At a rise of 12,500 ft, Kedarkantha is a mountain pinnacle of Garhwal Himalayas in Uttarakhand in India. The 5day trek to Kedarkantha Trek pinnacle should be possible by and large around the year yet my pick was to endeavour it in winters. In winters, the course turns out to be mystically snow white and on second thought of runs of white on green, the scene turns amazing white with runs of green and blue. The trek to Kedarkantha is an ideal starter for novices.

Kedarkantha trek

The trek is respectably difficult however studde with lovely landscape all through the course. On the Kedarkantha trek you will be somewhat warm during the days however the temperature during evenings in winters drops down to freezing. I encountered less than 20 degree Celsius on the trek.

The drive to Sankri to – Kedarkantha trek starts from that point

Like my other itinerary items, the arrangement to endeavour Kedarkantha trek was hasty as well . I flew from Bangalore to Delhi and joined my companion Rajiv on the train to Dehradun. I met Akanksha, a companion from school at Dehradun station and pondered again on our not very great actual wellness. Yet, the dive was take and we were supportive of it.

The group of Renok Adventures (a trek organisation with which I did my most memorable winter trek) got us from the Dehradun rail line station. We headed towards Sankri, the town from where Kedarkantha begins. Google maps gave a thought of a 7 hours drive to arrive at Sankri.

drive to Sankri

We flashed through the city of Dehradun, went through Mussoorie and had an opportunity to give a fast look to the popular Kempty falls. The recollections of visiting Kempty falls as a youngster and the times enjoyed with family moved quickly over my eyes. After a fast end for breakfast, we were head to be welcome by the ravishing Himalayan streets and Tons waterway giving us organisation.

The stream looked so welcoming that we headed over to invest some quiet energy by the riverside before lunch. We went through curious little towns like Purola and Mori to arrive at Sankri with perfect timing to observe the marvellous tints of sun offering farewell behind the wonderful Himalayas. My body could feel the decrease in temperature yet my heart wouldn’t permit me to take the safe house. Let this sight disappear in any event, briefly till the lovely shades endured.

Trek to Juda Ka Talab:

We were given a preparation of Do’s and Don’ts of trekking prior to hitting our agreeable beds that evening. The ideas like AMS, ice nibble. The right layers of attire to be worn and considerably more were make sense of exhaustively. In Fact the instructions gave me goosebumps. Left me distrustful about the trek yet it’s great to be aware and afterward be ready for circumstances. Than to be left visually impaire collapse.

Trek to Kedarkantha Basecamp from Juda Ka Talab

I was happy that we endured the mother-loving cold evening. We had the outright honour of hot tea and breakfast prior to going to the Kedarkantha headquarters. The snow fall had been insane, thus the discussions of getting back from the headquarters without trekking till the Kedarkantha top began doing the rounds.

Trek to Kedarkantha Basecamp

We were unable to see any path as the enormous snowfall took care of the recently made trail. Consequently, a new path must be make. We followed the trek chief and attempted to follow the new path. It was very burdening to stroll in 3 feet of snow. I would frequently stagger down and fall in the snow. The 3 km till Kedarkantha headquarters was tiresome for me. In a good way, snow cover hopes to be spread to the skyline. The primary perspective on Kedarkantha top blew me over. With everything that was in me, I needed to trek till the top to observe the shocking perspectives from the pinnacle.

We remained for the night at Sankri and left for Mussorie the following day. The whole bundle of trekkers who had gotten back from headquarters remain together for a day in Mussoorie and left for their particular objections the following day.




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