Dayara Bugyal

Dayara Bugyal trek is a trekking point in Uttarakhand at an altitude of about 12000ft- 12100ft. Dehradun railway station is a nice mode of transportation to reach there as you can start enjoying the natural essence of beauty from the very beginning of the journey. It is often considered that the trek starts from Natin Village and ends at the same point too. According to some observations and calculations, Trekking includes 20-20km of distance while walking. As per the distance of trekking, it can be classified as an easy to moderate trek both for all three groups beginners, moderators/ intermediates, and advanced trekkers.  Himalayan ranges are also a part of this state i.e. Uttarakhand and vis-e-versa. Thus, the beauty of the Himalayas is felt all through the pleasure-worthy trek and camping sites.     

What is trek or trekking? (Dayara Bugyal trek)

Kedakantha Trek or trekking refers to an outdoor activity that lasts for several days as it is followed by walking and sometimes by camping according to the person or group of persons involved in the activity. This activity is mostly considered to perform in and around the mountain areas as well as near the lakes, it can be said that a perfect place with beauty, and peace that one attains after completing the journey by walking perhaps.  

Visiting this place is applicable during any period of the year be it summer… be it winter or spring or autumn all four seasons share the different and unique states of the elegance of mother nature. The scenic landscape meadows during the different stages of weather and climatic conditions never deprive and disappoint you with the outwitting journey during the trek by exclamatory sightseeing. 

Months have divided into majorly into three seasons but the signs of the fourth season also exist and the beauty is magnificent. And exciting talk of the day is you can trek in all the seasons out there. September to November is the autumn period, April-June is the summer period, and NM is the winter period. Snowfall during winter is majorly seen and can be enjoyed around  December-January. You can enjoy the bedsheets of yellow flowers in the summer season and then back to autumn you can see the shedding beauty and emerging essence of purity to give birth to something new being ready. Landslides can be fatal and to avoid them weather conditions have to check and planning have to make likewise.  

Plannings for beginners – Dayara Bugyal trek

Beginners are those trekkers who are just ready to explore this outdoor activity out of adventurous thoughts and experimentation. And it is always true and best to work on some skills before you start to explore the same skill. Knowing the basic needs and essentials is a must. Essentials include development in physical activity, mental strength, medical clearance as well as basic first aid as per doctor’s prescription (if any).

Good knowledge of bag packing and raincoats is a must as Himalayan regions face rain and weather changes unexpectedly and you can find yourself in a tough spot at any time of the day. Walking sticks and water bottles are the most essential items throughout the tosh trek. Food is the basic requirement of our body so carry energy drinks, energy bars, some dry fruits, and some spices like black pepper and cloves that can help you get over altitude sickness in some way or the other. Body Mass Index is the most annoying but must require estimation to complete the criteria for safe travel and walk in these days. 

Other places around as tourist spots

The tourist spots I’m mentioning here are in the range of 60-90kms near Dayara Bugyal Trek. 

Villages like Barsu, Raithal, and Kutlon are the regions you discover or walk through during your trek(maybe).

Dodi Tal lake: 

it is a lake 3310m above sea level that shares the purest sight of water that further transforms itself into waterfalls at some or the other locations around providing picnic spots to tourists and water to the villagers for their livelihood.


as the name suggests Kashi of North and even called Shivnagri and also called Saumya Kashi is considered to be a Kashi Vishwanath temple. Possess a copper trident. 


established near Bhagirathi river around 2620m above sea level.


Gangotri Temple, included among the ‘char dharma’, worshiping Devi Ganga is delighting here.

Spring forests, unbeatable green summers and fairyland snowy winters, maple, and oak-like trees along with coniferous features and grasslands of autumn and spring make it an attraction to tourists. Campsites near Barnals are not much preferred but yeah, stay facilities in camps in Gui, Chilapada, Nagata, and Barnaul are available. Id proofs for forest check posts are a must to carry. You can peacefully enjoy family time or friends time in the magic of Gangotri extension.