An epiphanic adventure via Rupin Pass: A Tale of Two Backpackers

rupin pass

There is something very exciting about trekking the mountains of the beautiful Uttarakhand Himalayas and one of these is the Rupin Pass Trek. The unbelievable trails that pass through the forests, walking through the plains that are covered with snow plays hide and seek with us. After we completed our Roopkund Trek, Rupin Pass was next on our bucket list and finally, our wish is getting fulfilled this May. And this trek To Kheerganga would be our first time when we would be crossing over a pass, so the enthusiasm is a bit higher this time.

Day 1: Dehradun – Dhaula (Rupin Pass)

Dehradun Rupin Pass

We started our journey from Dehradun on the 24th of May 2016 towards Dhaula where the base camp for the trek is situated. We met our trek mates at Dehradun. In total there were 20 of us. Though the first meeting was a little uncomfortable, as time went by, we all became great friends!

After a long ride, from Dehradun we finally reached Dhaula. Our tents were put beside the very clear Rupin river. We spent the rest of the day getting to know everyone with our trek leader. Our members are mostly from Chennai and Bangalore and we are from Kolkata.

Day 2: Dhaula – Sewa (Rupin Pass)

Dhaula rupin pass

The next morning we all gathered together fresh and were ready to start of the trek. Our next camp was an 11 km trail from Dhaula to Sewa. 

The first day of a trek is always difficult. But we managed to cover some distance and most of us were panting. But, soon we get the rhythm and walked without much problem. Then we reached Sewa by noon and were welcomed there with hot lunch. We stayed at Sewa, at a homestay. The temple is a great example of Kinnauri architecture. When we asked the villagers they said that the idol was a common idol among the 12 surrounding villages and each month the idol moves to each village. Well, that was something different!

Day 3: Sewa – Jiskun (Rupin Pass)

The next day, we started our journey toward Jiskun from Sewa. First, we go through downhill and reach the Rupin river. Here we cross over from Uttarakhand to Himachal Pradesh on a small wooden bridge over the rushing Rupin River.

This must be the highlight of our day. Next, we went on an uphill trail to Gosangu. And this is where our difficulty starts. It is a road and we had to tosh trek for 6 km on the dusty road. After a few hours on the dusty road, we finally managed to reach the village. Then it was then another uphill trail. But as we reached Jiskun, our tiredness just went off by seeing the village and our homestay. It was a beautiful homestay.

Day 4: Jiskun – Jhaka – Udaknal

Jiskun rupin pass

The next morning, our hike again started. Jhaka will be the last village on our trail to Rupin pass. From Jhaka, it was again a trail to Udaknal. It was a beautiful campsite from where we can see the cliff.

Day 5: Udaknal – Dhanderas Thatch

Udaknal rupin pass

Our next trial was very different from the previous ones. We followed this trail and we also met a couple of shepherds.

That day we also see snow for the first time. We cross the snow bridge. After trekking for some time we reached a place called Buras Kandi.

After a few meters ahead we could finally see the Rupin waterfall. We could actually feel the adventure. After we trek for a few more hours, we reached Dhanderas With the Rupin waterfall in sight, the whole place became beautiful.

Day 6: Dhanderas Thatch – Upper waterfall camp


The next day’s Kedarkantha trek was shorter than before, we go from Dhanderas Thatch to the Upper waterfall camp. After climbing a few snow bridges, we reached the campsite that was beside the Rupin river.

The camp at Dhanderas Thatch was very beautiful, but this camp made me speechless. And when you walk towards the top, you could simply see the water going down. It was that made all my tiredness disappear and I just wanted to soak in all the air from nature.

Day 7: Ronti Gad, Upper Waterfall Camp, Rata Pheri, and Rupin Pass

Ronti Gad rupin pass

It was the final day or we can say the summit day so we started a little early. We trekked uphill and reached Rata Pheri camp. Here we put on our microspikes. And we get the first sight of the Rupin Pass.

We slowly walked over the snowfields. Meanwhile, the weather started to get worse. None of us wanted to go back from here. Our Team Leader kept us motivated throughout. Finally, we reached the base of the Rupin Pass Gully. And from here it was another steep climb of about 200 m.

Each and every member of the team was very excited that after so much hard work, we were finally at the top of Rupin Pass (at the top of the world).

The weather was getting clearer as we reached the Rupin pass. But after some time it was time to climb down. And what can be better than sliding down the snow? The child in us was happy to come out. There were three slides that gleefully slid down. It was a long day and we reached Ronti Gad campsite at around 3.00 PM. We have finally done Rupin Pass!

Day 8: Ronti Gad – Sangla (Rupin Pass)

It was the last day of the trek and we are going on a total downhill trek to Sangla. The downhill trek was a really difficult one But once we reached there, it was time for celebration.

Conclusion – Rupin Pass

The Rupin Pass trek was a beautiful trek. We had trails that go through the forests as well as roads. We cross snow bridges, climb the waterfall, and do many more exciting things. We faced our fears and fought until the last.