Step By Step Guide To Becoming An Actor

An Actor

Most of us are fascinated by the film, television, or entertainment industry. By seeing the popularity, celebrity status, influence on society, glamour, and money of a successful actor, you decide to be an actor. Your success as an actor depends on several things like your skills, industry knowledge, and network. You can succeed if you work on the things that you can change. Here are some useful steps to become an actor:

1. Take acting classes FOR BECOMING AN ACTOR

To become an actor, you need to learn acting skills. And for this, you can join the best acting school in India or your own country. In your search, you can come across several acting schools located in cities like New York, London, Delhi, Mumbai, and Sydney. You need to choose the best one and start studying there to develop your acting skills, gain industry knowledge and enhance confidence.    

2. Further your knowledge FOR BECOMING AN ACTOR

Start looking for more information and knowledge as you receive basic ideas about acting from your acting classes. You can search for local community colleges, or institutes that offer workshops to enhance learned acting skills. Further, you can read books on acting and practise acting at home alone or in a group. 

3. Find a theatre in your locality and join it 

Acting is a field that requires more and more practical knowledge. And practical knowledge comes through constant practice. Joining a theatre can help you have practical training and improve your skills as you have a direct connection with the audience while performing on the stage. So, find an ideal one in your local town/city and join it. 

4. Know more about the industry FOR BECOMING AN ACTOR

Going through respective reading guides can facilitate you to be familiar with management companies, social media marketing, and filmmaking if you are not willing to hire an agent or join a talent agency. Being more familiar with the industry will help you prepare yourself better for it. 

5. Design a resume for you TO BECOMING AN ACTOR

While attending acting classes, you learn and gain acting experience. As you gain some skills and experience, you should start working on building your resume. Your resume should include your acting and non-acting experience, such as direction, script writing, wearing branded clothes and caps. It will help you stand out from others.  

6. Make your portfolio or headshot 

Directors ask for a portfolio with a resume before starting an audition. As an actor, your physical appearance is valuable for you whether you want to act in a TV or film project. For having a professional headshot, you should hire a photographer and request him/her to take some good photos of you in several different poses.   

7. Make a short film on you 

You should have a demo reel to present to directors or casting members at auditions. In the preparation of a demo reel, you should act like the one in the commercial, but not the one like in the infomercial. You should keep it short. You also have to wear branded trousers and shirts while making a reel.

8. Move to city that has a film city or production houses 

As you complete your acting course, build your resume, and have a headshot, you should move to cities like Mumbai, London, and New York. These cities offer more opportunities and are a home to successful actors. They are better than smaller cities for acting career perspectives.   

9. Hire an agent 

You should join a smaller firm when you are going to begin your acting career. Hiring an agent will be fruitful to you, as they will give more attention and you have lower competition. 


Being an actor is a little tricky. However, it becomes more convenient and easier if you have a proper training and career plan for you. By following the steps mentioned above, you can feel at home and become an actor. Gradually, you will be successful by improving your acting skills and trying to get more opportunities.


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