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Moissanite Engagement Rings: All you need to know.

Moissanite engagement rings have become very popular in recent years because of their incredibly high quality and low cost. When compared to their diamond counterparts. Many people believe that Moissanite engagement rings are simply the same thing as Cubic Zirconia engagement rings. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Moissanite has many features that make it an ideal choice. When picking out an engagement ring or moissanite earrings that won’t break the bank while still providing you with beautiful jewelry to last a lifetime.

The Fascinating History Of Moissanite Engagement Rings

The Fascinating History Of Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite is a mineral discover in 1893 by Dr. Henri Moissan, which led to it being name after him. It had long been speculating that an extraterrestrial origin for the mineral and even today. Some people believe it came from outer space, as there were no previously known sources of the gemstone on Earth. The natural form of moissanite is colorless with a slightly bluish tinge. However, the vast majority of moissanite in existence are not natural but instead laboratory-created or synthetically grown.

Diamonds have a naturally occurring presence in the Earth’s crust and are most often mined. Whereas moissanites are create in laboratories through the careful creation of certain conditions and cannot be find naturally occurring.

The Myths About Moissanite Engagement Rings

Most people don’t know that the misconceptions about moissanite are false. Moissanite is chemically and physically similar to diamonds and requires little maintenance.

• Myth: Moissanites have a yellow or golden color tone. Moissanites are colorless with a near-colorless spectral range of D-E on the GIA diamond grading scale.

•Myth: Moissanites are less durable than other gems.

Why Is Moissanite Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Diamonds?

Moissanites are man-made gems that were invent in 1893. This means they can’t be found in nature and thus must be grow or synthesize Moissanites are make from a natural silicate material that is plentiful on earth. In reality, moissanite will cost less than a diamond, but because moissanites aren’t as scarce as diamonds, their price is higher due to the rarity and beauty of the gemstone.

Why Is Moissanite Engagement Rings More Expensive Than Diamonds?

Another reason why moissanite is more expensive than diamonds is that when cut and polished, it takes less time for them to lose their luster. When comparing carat weight with size, there’s also a difference between the two stones. A one-carat diamond weighs 1/5 of an ounce while one-carat moissanite weighs 0.9 ounces.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Moissanite Over Diamonds?

Moissanites are a type of lab-created gemstone that is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to diamonds. Because it’s lab-create, the material doesn’t have the same mining and labor costs associated with natural diamonds, you can propose to your crush or your beloved ones with a moissanite ring. If moissanite becomes chip or damage, it can be re-polish or replace in much the same way one would deal with a broken glass tumbler.

The 2 Most Popular Types Of Diamond Simulants Today

It also doesn’t require cutting and polishing as diamonds do, so moissanite can be produce at a fraction of the price. In addition to not having costs associat with mining or labor, moissanite engagement rings typically emit less heat than diamonds as they aren’t pure carbon crystals, which means that they may be more comfortable to wear as jewelry in warmer climates.

The 2 Most Popular Types Of Diamond Simulants Today

Cubic Zirconia

This diamond simulant is among the most popular and also one of the cheapest. It’s possible to find them in various shapes, sizes, and colors that look just like the real thing. They are often lab-create but they can also be mine. The disadvantage to cubic zirconia is that it has no durability and might chip or scratch easily so it’s not recommend for everyday wear.


This stone may not even show up on specific detectors so if authenticity is important to you. Take note before purchasing that this is a faux diamond alternative.

The Best Brands To Buy From

People are often surprise by the superior clarity and quality of a moissanite ring. The best way to tell moissanite wedding bands from a diamond is to look at the light. Because it’s tough for these crystals to produce white light, diamonds tend to sparkle more. When the stone is at an angle in the sun, the reflections look bright blue instead of red or yellow. Which means that it’s probably not real gold.

The Best Brands To Buy From

It also doesn’t have much of a fire or dispersion because there isn’t enough reflection. It doesn’t change color under fluorescent lights like most other gemstones do either, so if you’re purchasing a ring online for a birthday gift. This might be helpful information! One way to see how clear your moissanite ring is would be to view it up close. If you can see your eye reflected, then your stones need some polishing! You should never wear a jewelry piece without proper care, even if it’s synthetic – so don’t forget to remove your gems before exercising or swimming.



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