What are the benefits of whey protein on the Body?

benefits of whey protein

According to statistics, 42.1% of athletes, including a large proportion of footballers, say they have consumed food supplements to perform better. An important figure that proves the need to use food supplements to optimize sports performance. Between losing weight, gaining muscle, or better assimilating the training load inherent in physical preparation for a sports competition, the benefits of protein are numerous. What about the benefits of whey protein supplements in football

What is whey protein?

Whey protein (or whey protein in the United Kingdom), also known as “whey isolate”, is a combination of globular proteins from whey. Whey is nothing but a liquid product derived from the manufacture of cheese, which contains almost all the lactose in milk when obtained by the method of enzymatic coagulation. Generally marketed as a food supplement, it is also widely used in the industrial manufacture of milk replacers.

Whey protein thus constitutes a source of proteins of great biological value with a composition of complete amino acids. It also stands out for its ability to be absorbed quickly, which positions it as a reference to consuming around training sessions. It is good for your fitness and health.

Why consume whey protein?

Like any product, there are different whey isolates on the market, depending on the quality of their production. However, consuming the best whey isolate is an excellent alternative to other sources of protein and saves money in the long run. Presented in powder form, this dietary supplement is convenient to consume and mixes easily in a shaker with water or vegetable milk.

Either way, it remains a good source of branched-chain amino acids and has the advantage of containing a higher proportion of protein than any other source of protein in the human diet.

What benefits of whey protein on the body?

Whey protein has various benefits for the body. Not only does it increase muscle mass, but it also optimizes post-workout recovery, fights catabolism, and allows its consumer to control their weight.

Increase in muscle mass

Whey protein promotes the increase in muscle mass, which is obvious and its main asset. It contains essential amino acids for the body that help rebuild muscles following physical exercise. In fact, intensive and prolonged physical exercise deteriorates muscle fibers which then use amino acids from proteins to reconstitute themselves more solidly. Therefore, the consumption of whey protein is indicated for athletes who wish to develop their muscle mass. Whey protein supplements the proteins absorbed in a balanced and healthy diet.

In addition, scientific studies have shown that taking whey protein promotes strength and endurance in athletes.

Optimized post-workout recovery

Whey protein provides a significant amount of the three amino acids that make up glutathione, which allows the body to fight free radicals more effectively. Thus, it reduces the damage caused to the body by sport (oxidative stress, increased lactic acid, etc.) and contributes to rest as well as general well-being.

When it acts directly on muscle repair, whey protein accelerates and improves the recovery process after physical exertion, then allows you to stay in shape in the world of football. It is also essential for the organism to recreate itself.

Whey protein against catabolism

Whey protein is consider the most “anabolic” protein powder available on the market. As a result, it is frequently used for its anti-catabolic properties. It is a protein that helps fight the stress hormone as well as catabolism, which makes it a very interesting protein to consume after training. In addition, this protein in powder form has antioxidant properties and helps fight both osteoporosis and hypertension. 

In addition, the cortisol that the human body secretes under major stress such as intense exercise causes catabolism in the body. Consuming a modest amount of protein before a workout counteracts these issues that the body may be going through.

Finally, it also stimulates the body’s natural defenses (immune system)!

Control your weight thanks to the satiety effect of whey protein. Good whey proteins have very low sugar and saturated fat content. They are therefore much less caloric than solid meals. This makes it the perfect supplement for anyone looking to gain lean muscle mass.