Ingenious Steps to Support Those Struggling With Infertility

Struggling With Infertility

Struggling With Infertility is a kind of reproductive health problem that prohibits a couple from having a baby or becoming parents. As per a report of the World Health Organisation published on 15 September 2020, the world has 48 million couples and 186 million individuals suffering from fertility problems. Such people need to visit a fertility clinic or the best IVF centre in Delhi to expand their family or have a child. 

In or around your locality, you can come across couples or individuals with some sort of infertility. Some of them could be your friends, relatives, or known persons. If possible, you should support them to come out of the problem. Here are some steps that you can follow to support them:

1. Substantiate their feelings WHO ARE Struggling With Infertility

According to a few recent studies, most females with fertility problems hesitate to share what they are feeling and what situations they are going through. Keeping their struggles secret makes them more prone to feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem. 

By asking questions like how can I help you or what the best thing can I do for you, you can get close to your friend or known-one suffering from infertility. And you can make them feel secure while sharing their struggles with you and asking the requisite help from you.  

2. Avoid assumption – Struggling With Infertility

Usually, we have a tendency to assume something. Assumption is not good, especially when someone in your network is struggling with infertility. Donot assume that you are overweighted, Instead of assuming anything, you should consult the person, be close to him/her and ask about the problem he/she is facing if you know. Give the requisite time and space to him/her so that he/she can share the issue with you.

3. Do not minimise the condition they have

Statements like it is common, you will recover soon, and you will be better in what you are expecting can help couples/individuals with infertility feel a reduction in their sorrow or pain. While talking to such a person, you should avoid being overly positive and producing false hope. Instead, you should comprehend the severity of the condition they have.     

4. Avoid comparing with others 

In general, we have a habit of talking about the issue with respective examples and comparing the situation with others. While helping someone with fertility problems, you should avoid comparison. Comparing can make them feel insecure and encourage them to do something that could be wrong or unhealthy for them and also take care of them by providing necessary and essential oils and fruits.

5. Stay sensitive while talking to an infertile couple or individual 

You should not complain about your pregnancy or children. Instead, you should be sensitive to people struggling with infertility. You should try to heal and be supporting but avoid being a pin point or problematic to them. Here is more on what you can do:

  • Be thoughtful 
  • Produce some space to them 
  • Be honest 

6. Keep them engaged – Struggling With Infertility

Usually, we know an empty mind is a house of evils. So, when you know your close friend is suffering from infertility, you should avoid leaving them alone or being idle. Instead, you should try to keep them engaged in fun or recreation activities and hobbies. If possible, invite the person to your home, go for a walk, join a hobby class, etc. so that they can remain busy. 


Helping someone struggling with infertility is a little easy. For this, you need to take out some of your valuable time for them. Further, you need to validate their feelings, take care of their eating, avoid assumptions, do not compare, be sensitive, don’t minimise the condition, and keep them engaged.


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