Get the Perfect Smile with Teeth Contouring

Teeth Contouring

Many people in this day and age want to look their best, and that includes having teeth that are well-shaped, white and healthy looking. There are many dental procedures available today to help make your smile stand out from the crowd; one of the most popular of these procedures is teeth contouring. Teeth contouring involves reshaping some of your tooth enamel by removing it via an electric tool, which results in much whiter looking teeth, with less sensitivity to hot and cold foods or liquids when compared to other tooth whitening techniques.

What is Teeth Contouring?

Teeth contouring is a dental procedure that involves using a rotary burr to remove extra enamel on teeth. The goal of this procedure is to make teeth appear more symmetrical and uniform in size, shape, and color. It can also be used to correct crowded or spaced teeth. This procedure can be performed by an orthodontist or dentist, but only at an orthodontist’s office.

What are the Benefits of Teeth Contouring?

A contoured smile can make you feel more confident and self-assured. Not to mention, it can help you stand out from the crowd. In order to get a perfect smile, there are many things that you need to consider. One of these is teeth contouring. Dental procedures such as teeth contouring make it possible for you to have a bright and beautiful smile that enhances your appearance by straightening crooked or misaligned teeth and making your jawline look more defined.

What do results look like?

This procedure is also known as reshaping or recontouring. The aim of teeth contouring is to make the teeth appear more uniform in size and shape, to shorten protruding teeth, and to raise sunken teeth. Your dentist may use one of two techniques: either a laser or a hand-held instrument called an air abrasion machine. The laser technique uses a high intensity light that reshapes tooth surfaces by vaporizing thin layers of enamel in a controlled fashion. Patients typically experience less sensitivity following this type of treatment than they do from air abrasion which removes tooth tissue by sanding down the surface layer on top of the tooth.

How it’s done?

Teeth contouring in Coimbatore is a dental procedure that takes place after a patient has undergone tooth whitening. Teeth whitening can often result in yellowing and other discoloration, which is corrected by teeth contouring. The dentist will use composite materials to fill in any spots where tooth whitening may have been uneven, then polish the teeth to a smooth shine. While teeth contouring is typically done in conjunction with tooth whitening, it can also be performed on its own for patients who have healthy teeth but are looking for an alternative way to improve their smile.

Is it suitable for me?

If you have a chipped tooth, crooked teeth, or any other tooth that is not aligned with your other teeth and needs to be fixed, teeth contouring may be for you. In order to get the perfect smile that you have always wanted, there are many different procedures that can help. One of these procedures is called teeth contouring. This procedure will reshape your natural teeth so they are straight and even.

Teeth contouring takes about 3-6 weeks for recovery time from treatment

Is there anything else I should know about teeth contouring?

Teeth contouring is a cosmetic dentistry procedure which aims to change the shape, size and position of teeth. This can be done in a number of ways including:

  1. Shortening an over-long tooth,
  2. Lengthening a short tooth,
  3. Widening a narrow tooth and
  4. Moving teeth into better positions for chewing. It is important to note that teeth contouring does not replace fillings or extractions but is rather used as an adjunct treatment for altering your smile.

Tooth bonding for gaps and Teeth contouring

Gaps are a common problem for many people. When teeth are missing, this can leave your smile looking incomplete and unappealing. One way to address gaps is through tooth bonding.

Tooth bonding for gaps in Coimbatore where a composite material is applied to your teeth that has been shaped to fit the gap between two teeth. The composite material will be hardened by an ultraviolet light and once it sets, it will resemble natural teeth. To get the perfect smile, you may also want to consider dental procedures such as teeth contouring or veneers. Teeth contouring involves reshaping one or more of your own teeth so they match the size and shape of adjoining or nearby natural teeth or dental appliances such as dentures, bridges, and partial dentures.


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