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CareLogic EHR – Pricing, Features, and More For Behavioral Health

Behavioral health and human service providers benefit from the capabilities of CareLogic Its comprehensive tools help improve outcomes, drive efficiencies, and demonstrate performance. CoreLogic solutions are the first of their kind in the industry. Read on to learn more. And don’t forget to check out our blog for updates and news! We’ll share CoreLogic EHR pricing, features, and more! So, get started today! We’ll help you make the best decision for your practice.

Cost of CareLogic EHR

The care industry is currently experiencing tight margins, staff constraints, and increased pressure to show improved patient outcomes. This environment creates unique challenges for the healthcare industry, but one way to overcome these problems is to adopt an EHR system that is compatible with other systems. Qualifacts designed CareLogic with interoperability in mind, and the company offers a dedicated team to handle integration projects and ease the process for its customers. The following is a breakdown of the cost of a CareLogic EHR.

Cost of CareLogic EHR

CareLogic can be purchased in a cloud-based solution or on-premises. These solutions can be tailored to your clinical processes and can be used by both staff and administrative teams to provide high-quality patient care cause they are always there for you, taking coffee to be in fresh mood. Among other features, CareLogic can simplify the management of referrals, health reports, and insurance billing. Its powerful features include an integrated reporting suite and dashboards that provide instant insights into the health of your practice.


If you’re looking for an EHR platform that’s built on the Microsoft platform, consider the CareLogic EHR Platform. It’s design for healthcare organizations, and its features are flexible enough to adapt to your needs.


  • CareLogic’s Employee tab, for example, lets you manage all aspects of your staff. You can add new employees and assign them system privileges, and assign staff members to supervisors.
  • You can also manage employee data and information through the Employee tab.
  • CareLogic also offers a detailed Employee Guide that can help you understand these features.
  • The CareLogic user interface is easy to navigate and features a simple workflow.
  • It’s also browser-agnostic, meaning you can run the application on platforms other than Microsoft Internet Explorer. Despite its user-friendly interface, some providers report difficulty with using it.
  • It also has a strong customer community, and IT operations support is available for all CareLogic users.
  • The program’s security features make it an ideal choice for healthcare organizations, and it’s widely used.


The price of CareLogic Enterprise is determine by several factors including the number of users, advanced features, and deployment type. Its easy just like online theray. Enterprise offers free custom quotes and pricing information. For a small or midsize practice, the average cost for an EMR subscription is $500 per month, while major healthcare organizations can spend up to $100,000 a year. It can also be expensive to migrate data from an Excel spreadsheet. However, the free version does offer basic EMR functionality.

Pricing for CareLogic is based on the number of users, initial implementation, and features. As a SaaS solution, pricing for CareLogic depends on the number of users and the number of patients. CareLogic reviews mention its ease of use and competitive management. The system also provides numerous customization options. Overall, the price for CareLogic is competitive. In addition, CareLogic has a 92% user satisfaction rating. If you’re looking for a high-quality EHR, this software might be for you.


If you are interest in purchasing a behavioral health program management software, CareLogic is a good choice. The flexible platform allows you to build your own data entry forms and incorporate industry standard outcomes measurement tools. CareLogic also offers canned reports and the tools necessary to build customized reports. CareLogic’s supportive user community is another reason to choose CareLogic over other similar products. Here are some of the best resources for finding the right solution for your organization.


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Whether you need technical assistance Athena EMR or just a little guidance, It Support can help you find the answer you need. They offer quick responses to your questions and will troubleshoot problems. Carelogic is a great tool for mental health professionals and can help you meet the extensive documentation requirements set forth by your state. Whether you need to update your system or are looking for help with the implementation of new features, Carelogic has you covered.

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Pimsy vs CareLogic

Both systems offer various features, so you may be wondering how these different solutions stack up against each other. It is a product develop by Qualifacts, which is headquarter in Nashville. It uses a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model to deliver its software, which guarantees rapid implementation and a low total cost of ownership. In addition, CareLogic is highly customizable, which means you can adjust the features and functionality to match your own work style.



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