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How to Draw a Snail – Step By Step

Learn How to Draw a Snail with cool drawing instructions easily and step by step and a video tutorial. Now you can easily create a beautiful snail design. The snails are not an insect. They belong to a class of creatures named mollusks. It means that they have soft bone bodies protected by a shell. They are also gastropods because their body consists of large muscle feet.

How to Draw a Snail

The snail lives all over the world, on earth and in water. Snails live in the oceans and freshwater. Snails have protective shells that come in all their bodies when they are scared.

However, your shells are in the form of a spiral; these can be almost circular, as in our example, or the form of a cone. The slugs are similar to snails but do not have a characteristic shell. Snails are usually small, with more than the length of the thumb. However, a type of snail that lives inside the seabed can reach 50 inches in length. So, the giant African terrestrial snails, which measure 15 inches in length, can weigh up to two pounds. This snail was arrested as a pet by one of the researchers who discovered him.

Benefits of Snail on Mankind – How to Draw a Snail

So, snail shells can be used to make jewelry, and others secrete a purple dye. Moreover, humans consume certain species of snails. Similarly, It includes the famous part of the French party and the shell, a type of marine snail in the tropical regions.

Similarly, propeller snail excretions are used in skin creams and cosmetics. Symbolically, the slow movement of the snail was used to represent laziness. They also have religious connotations. For example, the snails would have dragged on the head of the Buddha while meditating to shade it from the sun.

Likewise, the Greek poet Hesiod wrote snails used in guessing or predicting the future, and a god of the Aztec Moon wore a shell in the back. Would you like to draw a viscous snail? So, this easy teaching tutorial -to -skell -by -Dep is there to help you. All you need is a pencil, pen or a marker and a sheet of paper. You can also use pencils or color markers to shade the finished drawing.

Drawing a Snail


  • Start by drawing a long wavy line. Bend the line itself. It will form the head of the snail.

Step 2:

  • Light the snail’s head using a curved line, wrapping it in a “C” form at each end. Then join an almost round pan using a long curved line. It forms the shell protection against snails.

Third Step:

  • Draw a long spiral line on the snail shell.

Step 4:

  • Use two curved lines to include a curved triangular pan on the back of the shell. It forms the tail of the snail.

Fifth Step:

  • Draw a pair of short parallel lines, folded, extending the head of the snail. It forms one of the snail’s eyes, which supports its eye.

Step 6:

  • Extend the second set of short parallel lines, curves, and parallels of the head. It forms other eyes to the eyes.

Seventh Step:

  • Draw a circle on the top of one of the eyes, forming the eye.

Step 8:

  • Draw a circle at the top of the remaining eyes, forming the second eye.

Ninth Step:

  • Draw a shorter circle per eye and an even smaller circle inside. The shadow between the most intimate circles indicates the pupil of the eye. Then draw an extensive line “U” on your face, forming a smiling mouth.

Step 10:

  • Color your snail. Standard colors for garden curls include brown, black, and green. Others may be yellow, red, pink, orange, or white, and many have spiral scratches or patterns on their shells.


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