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Can I have Multiple TPD Claims in Australia?

You can submit several TPD Claims in Australia for one accident or illness if you have multiple Superannuation policies. However, there are several factors you need to take into consideration when doing so.

Total and Permanent Disability Claims

In Australia, if you have a disease, mental illness, or physical injury that prevents you from working at all, or at the minimum, stopping you from working in your usual occupation, you might be deemed a Total and Permanent Disabled.

TPD Claims in Australia are injuries or illnesses that prevent someone from performing any task.

Your impairment doesn’t need to be acquired from an accident in your workplace or occupation. You can lodge a TPD Claim in Australia for a physical disorder or psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression and Post, Traumatic Stress Disorder. This article can help you understand your legal options if this is your situation.

TPDs are injuries or illnesses
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Your TPD Claims in Australia Payout is a Lump Sum Payment

When you have a successful TPD insurance claim, your benefit payout differs from other insurance policies. Your Total and Permanent Disability payout is an established figure outlined in your disability policy. There is no requirement to show a financial loss (as with other compensation claims). To access your TPD benefit, you need to meet the definition of being unable to work outlined in your policy. If your insurer agrees, you will receive a lump sum payment.

More than One TPD Insurance Claim

For most Australian workers, TPD insurance is contained within their Superannuation policy. Your employer must legally contribute to your designated Super account while employed. If you have had more than one job during your life, you may have contributed to more than one superannuation fund. In this circumstance, you could have more than one TPD insurance policy, which means you could claim multiple TPD benefits without double dipping.

 Insurance Claim Exclusions May Apply

As you might expect, there can be circumstances where you cannot claim more than once. If a Superannuation fund has already given you a TPD payment, they will likely not allow you to contribute to TPD insurance again. When you join a Superfund, they can exclude you from having TPD insurance or do not supply this option by default. As always, to understand your situation is best to speak with an expert TPD claim lawyer in Sydney.
Other things to consider before lodging a TPD claim

Is your TPD Claims in Australia insurance policy current?

To qualify for a TPD payment, you must contribute to your superannuation account until you stop working. In a situation where you have several insurance policies, this rule applies to all your accounts. You can request compensation from each one if you meet this rule.

Are you considered TPD by your insurer?

It is usual for insurance policies to have different terms and conditions, including the definition of total and permanent disability. Each insurer has unique requirements for accessing TPD benefits. If you have multiple claims, you must fit each insurer’s t&cs. 

To qualify for permanent total disablement (TPD), you must meet one of the following conditions:

  • You must have been off work for three months or longer because of a work-related accident or illness.
  • Your employer must have refused to pay your salary and wages for 12 weeks or longer.
  • You must have suffered a loss of earning capacity because of a work-related injury law firm or illness.

Have you received all of the necessary medical assessments?

It is essential to get accurate medical reports from your doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist diagnosing your health condition. If you make more than one TPD claim, your medical reports must meet multiple impairment definitions.

Have you hired an experienced TPD Claim Lawyer?

It can be challenging to make multiple insurance claims. Insurers don’t enjoy paying out large sums of money. You will negotiate with several large insurers seeking to deny or minimize your payout. In most cases, you can only attempt to claim TPD benefits once in your life, so you must be confident you are giving it your best shot.

A lot of time and effort goes into having a successful TPD claim, as the process is complex. Your best choice is to hire an experienced TPD claim lawyer in Sydney. A good insurance lawyer will guide you through the process, ensuring you achieve your desired outcome.



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